About 3Dskope


With 3Dskope you can display 3D datasets and image files on your Mac or on your mobile iOS device. 3Dskope also handles the decompression of RAR and ZIP archives.

Data formats not supported by 3Dskope are forwarded to the OS for preview. Thus 3Dskope can serve you as a handy RAR and ZIP browser even if you don't work with 3D data.

3D datasets used in screenshots:
- Apollo Spaceship: www.deespona.com
- Ka27 Helicopter: www.deespona.com
- Stanford Bunny: www.cc.gatech.edu/projects/large_models
- Egg Chair: www.fritzhansen.com
- Turbine Blade: www.cc.gatech.edu/projects/large_models
- Dental Mould: www.3d3solutions.com
- Kabinenroller: www.deespona.com
- Motorcycle: www.gonzo-3d.com

3D datasets are NOT included with the app.